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Welcome to nutsfortoffee.com. Our website is currently getting a fresh coat of buttercrunch for 2020!

To order or for more info, please contact Daniela directly at daniela@nutsfortoffee.com or (818) 646-6242. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is it Toffee or Buttercrunch?

Take your pick. Both words are synonymous with America’s time-honored favorite candy. Butter and sugar are cooked to the hard crack stage on a candy thermometer until caramelized to a rich golden color, filling the air with an addicting aroma. Although this confection is most often called toffee, we prefer the suggestive term buttercrunch because it says it all – a candy with a rich buttery flavor and a perfect crunchy consistency. Regardless of the nomenclature, we take toffee to an entirely unexpected level, crafting new flavors that are sure to become household favorites.