Our Story

Daniela Masatani began handcrafting toffee 25 years ago as holiday gifts of love and gratitude for family and friends. Over time she perfected her recipe and technique, using the freshest premium ingredients. As acquaintances asked if she sold her toffee and suggested she make it year round, her family motivated her to to do just that.

In 2017 Nuts for Toffee was born and we set out to create a variety of unique and indulgent toffee flavors. From the classic English toffee made with milk chocolate and almonds, to original specialty flavors, such as Macadamia Coconut, Almond Orange, and Strawberry Shortbread, one word describes our toffee – addicting!

Our decadent toffee is handmade one batch at a time with a special ingredient that can’t be bought – passion.